Limbowe Nigeria Limited is a Nigerian registered export company anda member of the Nigeria Export Council. It has been in business for sometime but was finally registered in February 2018. Limbowe has been reliable and trustworthy since it’s existence and has been established to help farmers in the sales of their agricultural produce to the world.

We are experienced in sourcing for farmers and we have built a chain of customers based on integrity through local supplies and export. We have wide experience in agricultural produce because we come from a background of farmers and also suppliers, we supply quality agricultural produce.

Limbowe has a highly skilled and seasoned team of professionals with many years of expertise in out sourcing, packaging and delivery of agricultural produce to various destinations. With new ideas, a great team, tenacity and focus, we have an edge in executing our projects and we succeed in achieving our goals.

Our major business objective is to source for high quality and hygienic produce from farmers at a reasonable price. This we believe would help the farmers produce more and in the same vein, our customers get high quality produce at low and affordable rates.

Integrity, Quality and fast delivery is what Limbowe stands for in every transaction both local and international. This has now become our company’s drive.

Limbowe is always open to partnering with individuals or companies which are in our line of business or compliments our line of business. We strongly believe that partnership aids the success of every project.

We are located at the beautiful and industrious city of Lagos, which is known as the business capital of West Africa, where we have the nation largest seaport, making shipping of our produce easier and faster.